Marc HealIntroduction

From 1992 – 2000 I was signed as a recording artist first to a Berlin label, Dynamica Records, to Universal Music in London and later to Wax Trax / TVT records in Chicago and New York.

This was a prolific time. Apart from several albums with my acts Cubanate and Ashtrayhead, I also made two C-tec albums with Jean-Luc De Meyer whilst he was temporarily divorced from Front 242. We played live with 242, Gary Numan, The Sisters of Mercy, Rammstein, Frontline Assembly, Fear Factory, Sheep On Drugs, the Young Gods and plenty of others, plus working on production, soundtracks and console game music for Sony and EA.

Cubanate originally had the working title of “Hard Club Project”. This was a reference to the “Hardclub 90” that ran between 1989 and 1994 on Wednesday nights at Gossips, off Wardour Street. My previous band, Westwon, had ground to a halt. The band was a hangover from the ‘80’s when I was trying to play the commercial game and the act had become limp through desperation and greed. On March 31st 1992 Nitzer Ebb played the Forum in Kentish Town. It seemed every electro freak in town had turned up for the show and an idea started forming in my mind.

The second Westwon single actually scraped into the top 100 a week or two later. But by then I was on a mission so I called everyone up and resigned from the band anyway.

This blog is an attempt to extract what happened next, and before. I try to be as truthful as memory and diaries permit, but this isn’t a scientific process and I apologise in advance for any offense caused or inaccuracy recorded.

Anyway, what’s my motivation here? I do enjoy looking back, but I look forward with far greater glee.

So perhaps it’s…

“To the confusion of the Thought Police? To the death of Big Brother? To humanity? To the future?”

“To the past,” said Winston.

“The past is more important,” agreed O’Brien gravely.

Here we go.